Bhutan : The Land of the Thunder Dragon


Druk Yul , also known as Bhutan is one of the most spectacular places on earth one can ever have been to.

And here’s why:


Segregation. Yes, Segregation from literally everything that is wrong with the world. Bhutan is separated from other countries by its mountains and there is a huge gap between their civilizations and any foreign civilizations near the country. This one civilization has been isolated from other world cultures and the people are still as they were years ago. Its almost like they have lived on an island, unaltered. For a country with monarchy but where the monarchy isn’t corrupt or unjust. In fact it is the minimal difference between the monarchy and the common men in Bhutan that has made it such an united and peaceful nation.

Happiness. Many may argue that happiness is a perspective. It depends on the eye of the beholder and by what you may call being happy. Not in Bhutan. If you think you can call an unsatisfied person happy by a meager comparison with less happier people, Bhutan is not for you. This one country, among all the countries in the world , has its GNH, and yes it’s Gross National Happiness. The rulers actually care if the people are happy. And if not , how to remedy it.

Buddhism. Yes , Buddhism because it’s the only religion in the world which does not like to throw itself in your face. Everybody does the right thing not because someone said it, but because it is the right thing to do by conscience. Yes, they understand the true concept of Karma. Even the nation has free healthcare. That means no person has to die cause their forefathers didn’t establish a good business or because they didn’t have the foresight to save up money for an operation. And the land of miracles does not stop there. It has made possible one of the greatest leaps for a developing nation. Free Education. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. If you crave knowledge , you will get it. Bhutan is the one place where you can proudly say “ Help will be given to those at Druk Yul, who ask for it”.

The wildlife. Bhutan has more than fifty percent of its land as a national park. That is one of the largest national park proportions in a country. This harmony of people with nature and with the wild is what makes Bhutan stand out from all the rest. The environment is a very important thing for the Bhutanese people. They are at one with it and preserving it keeps them happy. This has lead to them having little or no pollution. The country even banned public smoking to not encourage people to smoke to maintain wellness. And the way people respect it is beyond amazing. This is not India where we hate rules and they are made to be broken.

The landscape. Bhutan has one of the most varied landscapes ever. It ranges from steep Himalayas and snow clad peaks to enormous valleys with civilizations of wooden houses. The drastic landscape with its alternating and surprising combinations of soft and harsh landscapes and peaceful yet enthralling frames can never fail to be conspicuous to the guests they entertain. The Bhutanese live in one of the world’s most beautiful places and in the perfect of weather. Ranging from crystal blue skies to cumulus clouds swiftly racing on the wind above you, the atmosphere keeps you desiring more out of your stay. Deep in the remote part of the country is Bumthang. The transcendent valley does not give away the cloak it can have during the festive season. This calm valley with its soft streams and smooth horizon and cyan peaks does not fail to surprise you overnight when the day of the festival comes. With red and yellow banners flying high and Dragons dancing with each other and monks spinning the prayer wheels and the sublime tone of a distant gong filling up the air. This valley turns into a festive centre with hundreds of people showing up from all over the country. Bumthang is the religious heart of Bhutan. And the variety , the blending, the atmosphere, the spiritual chants, the blend of peace and energy and excitement is unparalleled.

And the variety of scenery does not end just there. Other towns of Bhutan include paro, punakha and wangdue are all valleys . Situated beside rivers these valleys have an amazing view from every hut in town. Like every other one, the towns have a Dzong situated near them. And instead of treating them as heritage and preserving them as an attraction, they added an extra bit. The Bhutanese actually use them for legislation making them well maintained and more attractive and productive at the same time.  Last but not the least comes Thimpu. The capital. This huge valley has a stadium on a cliff. Playing there would be a dream come true for every sportsman, with the crowd, the view and the atmosphere. Thimpu is the hub of the country. It has malls to handicrafts to hotels to the kings palace. In a nutshell Thimpu is the Mumbai of Bhutan but Bumthang is its Calcutta.

And Finally. The balance between material happiness and spirituality. The Bhutanese do not crave for much material happiness. They have what they need and only that. No fancy iPhones and not much TVs. This keeps them at bay from changing into every other civilization. That’s the beauty of the people. They have still kept their traditional clothes. And they respect their traditions from the bottom of their heart. The dzongs still have Lamas. And their old traditions with their very simple yet beautiful lifestyle with spotless discipline. They are at peace with themselves. And hence everything they say or do, every action that comes from them resonates of self control and inner peace and being at one with nature. They are the epitome of spirituality and that is what makes Bhutan so peaceful. The people. But do not mistake being at peace for being lazy or lacking energy. Just listening to their prayers or their ritual chants will energize you, sitting in those halls of their Dzongs will charge you up and make you ebullient beyond measure. You will have a vivacious perspective of life all over again with no obstacle seeming large enough to put you down.

All in all. With its wonderful people, peaceful landscapes ebullient festivals and ever-preserved enriching heritage and culture Bhutan (Druk Yul)Lives up to the name : Land of the Thunder Dragon.



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