Have you ever come across people
Who shout out of words , words that
You cannot comprehend , words that
Makes no sense. And yet , yet
They speak to the soul.
Just another woman. Just another passerby
Lacking anything extraordinary to glance at
Except. Except those eyes.
Untameable. Incomprehensible.
Not meant for the world to understand.
Have you stumbled upon a person
And have decided to keep them in your life ,
Forever , not because you love her ,
But because her tangible words
Are but music to drown the world’s cacophony
And when you look at her , that narrow jawline
Those dark eyebrows , and her freely falling hair.
Makes you believe, there is not a thing
In the world to match the beauty of,
Something so unique. Something ,
Not meant to be here , not meant to be tried to understood ,
Such beauty inside her that cannot just be seen at a glance or over a cup of coffee.
Her eyes are joy. Ever shining. Yet,
You can see the eternal grief and scarred memoirs
Hiding behind them. Of how she cries ,
Alone, sometimes to even let sleep console her.
And then you feel a change in yourself. A simple one,
To try all you can. And do what you will,
To erase those scars and make her forget.
Have you ever looked at a face ,
An ordinary face that speaks tons ,
With those high cheekbones that speak
Of how high she should be and how she has
Been overlooked for years , by people
People who don’t understand the talk,
The talk of the soul. The look of stardust.
Have you ever talked about things,
Things that don’t matter over a cup of tea
And got lost in thought wondering what,
Those beautifully imperfect unsymmetrically
Chapped lips have had to say.
For they don’t speak in words ever. Just
In thoughts, of how often she has the hope
And anticipation to bite them only to be let down
And you slowly start to see how imperfect she is.
How she is not the most perfect person even where you are
And how all those imperfections slowly come together to make a person so beautiful.
So intriguing , so amazing. And yet so pure.
How it’s like magic. Not supposed to be understood
How we want her to amaze us.
How she should be above frontiers she hasn’t even dreamed of.
And you think and vow to put her there.
No matter what. Cause happiness is about pursuit.
And she is your journey.

She was like an old grand piano.
A large hollow inside , with strings old and broken.
Black keys accompanying every white in her.
But how to you when played. Came out
The purest and finest of symphonies
Ever played. Which touched people.
Connected them. Spoke to their soul.
And one which could never fade away.
No matter how much you try.
She was like music.
Chaos and imperfections blending in Harmony.

“How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.”



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