Finding People


The year is ending
And it’s going to happen a million times
Over and over again
The new year isn’t about resolutions you don’t keep
Or for changing yourself to a better you
Every year is a chapter about finding new people
Finding a character worth keeping for your book

Consider yourself to lucky if you have found what I have
Hidden under the heap of the human crowd
A person, one in the crowd yet still
One in the galaxy
A person worth keeping
As the characters in the books that we hope could be so real
As the words in the songs we wished were true

Yes. You do find people like that.
Real and living in the flesh.
With warm hugs and kind hearts
With voices of the ocean and as free as a mountain breeze
With smiles that echo the sun’s glare
And with words that spark light in the darkest of voids in there.

The kind of people you have in the back of your mind realizing
And they are everywhere, in your books, in your songs, in your reminiscence
Make a jar with every good incident written on paper in it
And you will be surprised by how many have their name on it
Make a book to doodle on every day
And you will realise how every blot of ink outlines the silhouette of their presence
Go through your diary, relive the moments for they will fade into oblivion
But a name on almost every page of it is hard to etch out from memory

Those are the people who you wish were there
When you see a beautiful sight like an orange sunset in the mist
Or when you get good news
When you need to make an important decision that will turn your life around
Or when you don’t know which tie to wear
And when you flow through the endless river of Firsts, you will find yourself saying,
Oh I wish, oh I wish you were here.

It’s about the tiny moments that go by unnoticed
In a flash of happiness and in another world so carefree
That little moments are naught but clouds
Fleeting over a dessert of worldly predicaments.
And in those tiny moments do you find the child in you reaching out a hand
Hoping you’ll take it and be mad once again
Because I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are.
And so they bear a part of you with them wherever they go
‘cause they are an intrinsic fraction of your soul.

People you will find like this, not among the stars
But deep in the dust messy and foiled trying to get up
For they are broken, broken enough to comprehend the pain life has to offer,
And that’s okay cause the broken cracks is what allows the light to get in.
With a flickering flame almost gone out, you wonder how
They can rejuvenate yours back into brilliance,
If only for a second there, a second all that you needed
To know the difference
Between us and them, cause in the end we are all ordinary men
That one moment of luminescence ringing the division bell
Calling all the blissful memories onto the canvas
Bringing in the hope and joy, turning the black blood red at last.

It is up to you what you do with them,
Keep them happy cause they need it the most, see through that outer mask
Give what you can for them for even unreciprocated is better than regret
Do not try to fix them for that would make them a part
Of the dull perfect crowd, you so hate with their mundane minds
And among all the darkness in them, in all the black
In their past and present and in all the deepest of abysses
Look for the stars that shine bright, and don’t forget to tell them
“And I will see you on the dark side of the moon”




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